Meet the Team

            The Teachers  





My favourite thing about working with children is that they are full of energy! Each one of them wants to explore their world in their own unique way and I love to be a part of that jouney.


Working with children is a fascinating experience. I love guiding children on their learning journey and encouraging their work to be individual and reflect their personality. Children are a real inspiration to me!


I enjoy working with children as every child is unique and I find the more I work with them, the more I continue to expand my knowledge. Everyday is a new experience and a new adventure for me. I find it fascinating meeting and working with children and colleagues from different cultures.




The Support Staff


Hi I am Welma, I chose to work in a nursery because it makes me happy and as a mother, I love helping children develop and grow.


Taking care of children is my passion. I enjoy working with them to see the memorable journey of their lives :)


I am Grace and I enjoy working in a nursery because it makes me feel at home, just like I am taking care of my own children. Aspin Nursery is a lovely environment for your children to grow up in.




The Nurse






I'm Mae and I'm the nurse at Aspin Nursery. I love working with children and it's great seeing them develop their physical and intellectual skills. Assuring their safety is my ultimate goal and seeing them happy and safe completes my role as a nurse.